Jan 17

Still alive

It’s been too long since we wrote anything here, we need to change that.

We haven’t added any new apps to the market lately, but at the moment we are working on a small project for iOS. For this project we have “recruited” three awesome testers. Here’s a video of them testing the first prototype of the app:

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Jun 29

May – June

We have now both received bachelor degrees and can focus on development and this blog again!

This month we noticed a significant increase in Brained downloads (we hadn’t updated it since february). It took us a couple of days to figure out why – Heyzap. Brained was becoming more and more popular there. Soon after that we were contacted by a Heyzap representative, who was kind enough to offer us a good deal – they will feature us in their Suggested list and give us 200$ compensation for adding their check-in button in our game. We were happy with that deal and now Brained contains Heyzap integration.

Our next post will be about TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor. We have looked at these tools before, but today decided to take some real use of them. The owner of these tools has given a chance to get a free licence if you own a blog (+ some other conditions, you can check it out at http://www.codeandweb.com/request-free-license), so we contacted him and soon after that the licences were in our inbox :)
Thanks alot Andreas, we will write about these tools soon.

About revenues. Thanks to Brained getting more popular, all our other app downloads have increased also and that can be seen in our increased revenue. Daily income has been 60-80$, so we are still happy with the progress :)
Here are reports for May and June:
may revenue leadboltjune revenue leadbolt

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May 01

LeadBolt April revenue

It’s been quiet lately because we are both writing our final thesis for university and it will probably stay that way until June.

But here are the results for April. We are quite surprised about the results as we haven’t done any big updates this month. Our biggest revenue for one day was more than 70 dollars! :)

LeadBolt 7 days:

Leadbolt revenue 7 days april

LeadBolt April revenue:

Leadbolt revenue month april


One more thing we promised to write about. We are planning to eventually also develop for iOS platform and now we had earned enough from LeadBolt to buy a Macbook Pro. So the first step towards iOS development is done now :)

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Mar 07

Something new: BlackBerry, Sunday times

In February we read an article from Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/03/RIM-free-BlackBerry-Playbook-Android/

This offer is now over, but the idea was that RIM was giving a free Playbook tablet to all the developers who publish their app on BlackBerry App World. Since we love all kinds of gadgets we decided to give it a try.

We spent a weekend developing a simple memory game and submitted it to the App World. It took a lot of hours to figure out how to sign the application and do all the procedures needed to convert the android app for BlackBerry, but we managed and today we received the tablet!

Unfortunately it wasn’t completely free afterall, Estonia wanted its own share and took ca. 50€ VAT. It’s not so bad since Playbooks are not sold in Estonia and if we would order it from a supported country, we would still have to pay the tax in addition to the price of the tablet.

We played around with the tablet a bit and the first impression is really good. From the internet we had heard mostly negative stuff about it, so our expectations weren’t really high.

When we took it out of the box, we were impressed by its looks, the materials feel high quality (no plastic loose parts etc) .. and it looks really cute :)
Plus, it has all essential extras with it: chargers, cables, a bag and even a cleaning cloth. Much more than we got with our overpriced iPad :D

About the software. Of course Estonia isn’t in the supported countries list of App World (thank you Blackberry for sending us the tablet anyway :D ), so we didn’t have access to downloading apps. We got around it by using a http proxy server (it was really easy to configure in the Playbook, just tick a checkbox and insert the proxy server and port), it’s slow, but it works :)

So now our home is richer by one more gadget :)
Here’s a photo if you don’t believe us:
Free Playbook

Another small news is that Sunday Times in London contacted us one day about an article they were writing. It was about personal information that android apps broadcast from a mobile phone. The subject was not very positive, it turns out that LeadBolt is taking a bit too much user information through their ads (even the mobile phone number), but anyway, our comments were published in the article and now we’re “famous” :D
Anyway, this is a serious topic which we need to investigate (ask LeadBolt about the reasons etc).


A little bit about our revenue also.
We are doing quite good and are happy with the results. Next week we should receive another payment from LeadBolt. We will write about it then, but as a hint, we will spend it all :D

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Feb 06


Just an update to let you know how we are doing.

In January we received our first payment from LeadBolt: $804.78
We were quite happy about it :)

The money transfer was really nice with LeadBolt, there was no need for Paypal or any other third party services, it was transfered directly to our Estonian bank account without any huge charges.

Voodoo Live Wallpaper is still the most popular of our apps. It will soon reach 50 000 downloads in the Android Market :)
LeadBolt is still unstable, but sometimes in a good way: we recently had our highest daily income of all time. You can see some more statistics from the images below.

Total downloads:
Brained/Brained Lite: ~7000
Voodoo Live Wallpaper: ~55000
Voodoo Winter Live Wallpaper: ~20000
Monkey Live Wallpaper: ~13000

leadbolt total revenue

last 7 days

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Dec 18

Why we are still using LeadBolt

We’d like to talk about LeadBolt once more. Despite the problems we’ve had with them, we’d definately recommend it to Android developers, because the good outweighs the bad greatly.

We are using rich media content unlockers without any option to close. Of course there are people who get angry, but seems like most users realize that they can get an ad-free version for free (at least last time we checked with the LeadBolt team, they didn’t have any advertisements that would require the user to pay anything). So it’s a win-win situation, the users get an ad-free app, we get paid for it and the advertisers get what they want also :)

Although the unlocker should not be dispayed again once the user has made a conversion (e.g. downloaded the app shown in the advertisement), it did not work like that for all devices. There is a solution for that. It may seem like something complicated at first, but it’s actually quite simple to implement.
LeadBolt provides a server to server postback function in the Publisher Portal. This will allow your server to be notified of conversions at all times.
You will need to enable this postback URL feature for your section from the postback tab (click the “edit” icon on the ad you created in the apps page of LeadBolt) and in your app implement a suitable connection to check the postback events on your server.

Here’s how our implementation looks like:

LeadBoltConnect.java: Show code

In the activity where you want to have ads: Show code

Then you need to have two PHP files on your server + a database for keeping the conversion data.

conversionsuccess.php (used by your app for asking if the conversion exists): Show code

mypostback.php (used by LeadBolt to send you the conversions info): Show code

Now about LeadBolt revenues. The smallest revenue for one conversion that we have seen is 0.36$, but often it is ~4$ for one conversion, so we earn much faster than with AdMob, where you often get just 0.01$ for one click. Of course these numbers depend on the advertisemens that are being served and can vary.
Here are statistics from our LeadBolt earnings for last 6,5 days:

If you’re not using LeadBolt yet but plan to do so, it would be great if you sign up through our referral link(the signup form might not work in other browsers except IE): http://leadboltapps.com/web/publishers/signup.php?ref=10026880

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Dec 15

…meanwhile in Estonia

We have been busy lately developing our new game. This time we decided to create a game that is more fun and needs less thinking than Brained. We will write more about it once we have more to write about it. :D

But we are doing better each week.
So, some statistics:
Total downloads:
Brained/Brained lite: ~ 5000
Voodoo live wallpaper: ~ 25300!
Voodoo winter live wallpaper: ~ 10700
Monkey live wallpaper: ~ 5900

Money earned so far: ~590$
Our apps have been downloaded from 132 different countries!

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Nov 26

Second month results

Our second month in the Android market has been a lot better than the first month.
Voodoo Live wallpaper has been available for 3 weeks, the others even less.
So, here are some statistics:
Total Downloads (2 months):
Brained/Brained Lite: ~5000
Voodoo Live wallpaper: ~9000
Voodoo Live wallpaper winter edition: ~3000
Monkey live wallpaper: ~3000

Money earned so far: ~170$
Our apps have been downloaded from 102 different countries! :)

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Nov 20

Andengine loading screen

When developing Brained, I had problems trying to figure out the best way to display a loading screen. Since there are quite a lot of resources, it was really necessary to have a loading screen, otherwise a black screen would be displayed (can be confusing to users).

There were some examples and tutorials online to implement a loading screen, but none of them worked well enough for me.

Finally, I came up with this solution:

public class GameActivity extends LayoutGameActivity {
	//Declare all your textures and textureregions here
	Scene mScene;

	public void onLoadComplete() {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub

	public Engine onLoadEngine() {
		final Camera camera = new Camera(0, 0,
	return new Engine(
                new EngineOptions(true, ScreenOrientation.PORTRAIT,
		new RatioResolutionPolicy(Global.CAMERA_WIDTH,
		Global.CAMERA_HEIGHT), camera).setNeedsSound(true));

	public void onLoadResources() {
		//load all the resources as usual

public Scene onLoadScene() {
  //load the scene as usual
scene.registerUpdateHandler(new TimerHandler(0.5f, new ITimerCallback(){
@Override public void onTimePassed(TimerHandler pTimerHandler) {
if(infoText.isVisible()) {
runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
@Override public void run() {
} }); scene.unregisterUpdateHandler(pTimerHandler); } } }));

@Override protected int getLayoutID() {
return R.layout.main;
@Override protected int getRenderSurfaceViewID() {
return R.id.xmllayoutexample_rendersurfaceview; }


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
    <ProgressBar style="@android:style/Widget.ProgressBar.Large.Inverse"

Basically, all I did there was use an XML layout as it is explained in this example and then just added the ProgressBar on the layout.

In the onLoadScene() method I set up a timerhandler that checks if an element on the scene (in my case infoText, which is a ChangeableText entity) is visible. If the entity is visible, that must mean the scene is loaded and we can remove the loading screen and the timerhandler.

So.. as this is such a simple solution I am surprised that I haven’t found it in anyone else’s examples. Maybe it’s not a good solution for some reason? Would be great to get some feedback on this :)

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Nov 15

Android Market alternatives

There are countries where android market is not available and if you are a developer and want to reach as many countries as possible then we have some recommendations for you. These are some of the places where we have uploaded our apps:

Anzhi -  Definately add your app there. For example, we added Voodoo live wallpaper there and we have already 1111 downloads in only 7 days. (almost as much as in android market). This is the most popular chinese marketplace for us. There are others chinese places also, like hiapkgfan and appchina.

Slideme - Also a good place where we have got a lot of downloads…actually more than in android market.

LG World - Marketplace for LG phones.

Getjar - Large appstore but unfortunately not so popular for us.

Amazon - We’ve got 5 downloads there :D

Playandroid - It’s an appstore and a GREAT place to ask a review for your app. Also the staff there is very friendly :)

Pdassi -Pdassi offers software developers worldwide access to the European market.

If you know some else good appstores let us know!

Overall statistics:

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